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Artist: Tala Madani

Iranian-American artist Tala Madani paints a provocative and humorous discourse on cultural and sexual identity. Picturing the male domain in all its stereotypical glory, Madani’s portraits of Middle Eastern men play out fictive rituals of a deviant, distinctly female imagination: prayer gatherings twisted into homosexual orgies, birthday parties targeted for terrorist attack, and tattoos and body hair plucking construed as the latest in ultra-macho beauty makeovers. In devising her scenes of aberrant ceremony, Madani pinpoints the very essence of frustration, fervour, and inadequacy.

tala madani nosefall1 Artist: Tala Madani

tala madani 2 Artist: Tala MadaniApple.Job .2008. oil.on .wood  Artist: Tala MadaniTM 2008 Red Stripes with Stain body Artist: Tala Madani

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